Stylish necklace with pearl pendant in African colors. Handmade jewelry with pearls.
Pendant necklace with colourful ceramic pearls - a real piece of African art
Pearl necklaces with colourful ceramic pearls - a real piece of African art

Dancing Candyman Pendant Necklace Multi

Ceramic bead pendant necklace handcrafted in Kenya 

"Life is musical and we may sing and dance continuously"...Our Dancing Candy Man is a symbol of that...May he accompany you on all your adventures and remind you to have fun and not take life too seriously. The colourful ceramic pearls are made and assembled by KAZURI in Kenya, a fair trade ceramic factory that supports single mothers. Each pearl is hand-rolled and -painted and then assembled with skill and love. Our Candy Men are produced in small limited editions which allows us to give every one of them a personal pep talk to ensure that they will take care of their owners and bring them much joy and laughter.

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Chain length: 65 cm

Size pendant: 10 cm

Material: gold plated brass chain, ceramic pearls, brass spacers

Unsure about which colour to pick? Check out our article on colour symbolism to get inspired!