Golden creole earrings - a real piece of African art
Gold hoop earrings with beads in rose, green, white and beige - African jewelry handmade in Kenya.
Golden earrings with pearls large in many African colors. Handmade jewelry with pearls.
Pearl earrings in many African colors like white and beige. Handmade jewelry with pearls.
Big earrings for a hippie look- a real piece of African art
Big earrings for a hippie look- a real piece of African art
Gold hoop earrings large DIY - with rose, green, beige and white pearls in many African colours

Pick-N-Mix Pearl Earrings „HORN“

African style creoles with a mix of fair-trade ceramic beads, horn and brass elements

These beautiful big earrings come with two teeth made from highly polished Ankole cow horn decorated with a fine brass inlay, and a selection of fair-trade ceramic beads in powdery pastel colors that you can mix however you like. Make it match your mood and outfit – from a simple gold hoop earrings to eccentric colourful pearl earrings for a hippie look. The different elements can simply be added or removed over the pin of the creoles. The colourful ceramic beads are hand-rolled and painted by our fair-trade manufacturer Kazuri. The golden earrings are handmade by the team of Urban Artefacts, a small artisanal brass workshop for African style jewellery in Nairobi. 

Check out our article on colour symbolism to get inspired! 
Please note that the horn is a natural product that varies in color from white to brown and black - each piece is a one of a kind and may differ to the picture. 

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Content of Pick-N-Mix set:
2 pair of brass creoles
2 beads rose
2 beads cinnamon
2 beads pearl green
2 beads white
2 decorated horn teeth
2 horn discs 13mm 
8 brass spacers

Material: brass, ceramic beads, horn.